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Our already legendary citybike – the Neubau (also the name of the seventh district in Vienna) half recycled – half new. We rescue bikes from beeing scraped and turn them into new, brisk and speedy bikes. Lighter attachment parts such as aluminum rims, easy shifting gears and reliable brakes make our bikes a pleasure to ride. Modifications for comfortable upright riding position also give you a better overview in city road traffic.

1/2 Day

10incl 20% tax

1 Day

20incl 20% tax

2 Days

30incl 20% tax

3 Days

35incl 20% tax

1 Week

55incl 20% tax

2 Weeks

80incl 20% tax

3 Weeks

100incl 20% tax

4 Weeks

120incl 20% tax

Some sample pictures of our Neubau citybikes

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